Motivated by personal experience...

Jeremy's initial exposure to physical therapy stemmed from an injury-riddled football career that forced him to rely on trained professionals to walk him through the rehabilitation process. Broken bones, torn muscles and ligaments, surgeries  and neck injuries are but a few of the physical challenges he faced while playing football.  His success at the high school and college level would have been impossible without the dedicated rehab professionals who didn't just tell him what to do, but also explained to him why he needed to do those things in order to return to the field as soon as possible.

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A Balanced Approach...

Jeremy is a strong proponent of hands-on physical therapy that is most effective when appropriately balanced with exercise and core/spinal stability training. He believes that a successful patient is an educated patient who understands and is comfortable with the treatment plan, process, and progression.

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Jeremy lives in Kailua, with his wife and three sons. He is an avid kayak fisherman and is actively involved in his local church. 

Understanding is Key...

​Lim Physical Therapy was established to give the patient a unique physical therapy experience. Like Jeremy's own experience taught him, understanding the "what" and the "why" aspects of your therapy is invaluable  to each patient who wants to be able to own his/her rehab process. Perhaps contrary to popular belief, physical therapy does not aim to heal the patient. Rather it should be viewed as a system of tools, some of which require the skills of a trained physical therapist and some of which the patient can use independently at home, that establishes an environment where the body can heal itself.  

Physical Therapist Owned...​​

Lim Physical Therapy, LLC is owned and operated by Jeremy Lim, DPT.  Jeremy is proud to have been born and raised in Kailua, Hawaii, and is excited to focus his practice in his hometown. A graduate of Punahou School and Pomona College, he earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Washington.  Following his graduation from physical therapy school, Jeremy was fortunate to work at one of the premiere outpatient orthopedic physical therapy clinics in the Seattle area.  He also had the opportunity to continue his training in manual therapy through classes taught by the North American Institute of Orthopedic Manual Therapy (NAIOMT).